About Us

Choueke Hollander LLP combines decades of legal expertise to deliver reliable, knowledgeable, and practical solutions for your legal needs.


Choueke Hollander LLP is the synthesis of years of mutual respect and professional collaboration between Eric Choueke and Michael Hollander, and their teams of legal experts. Each bringing over 16 years of individual legal expertise to the table, they first crossed professional paths over a decade ago, where they honed their skills and shared vision in the same law firm for 10 years. Recognizing the powerful synergy between Choueke’s practical focus and Hollander’s dynamic approach, their teams have joined forces, bringing an expansive set of skills and specializations into one integrated whole. This firm stands as a testament to their shared commitment to offering scalable, dynamic, and practical legal solutions.

Our Specializations

From the intricacies of commercial law to the sensitive terrain of family law, our diverse expertise spans across multiple legal disciplines including property law, employment, and labor law. We’re equipped to guide both individual clients and corporations through complex legal mazes.

Who We Serve

Our clientele reflects the breadth of our expertise. Among those we serve are landlords, business owners, and real estate holding companies, extending to small and medium-sized businesses. The diversity extends beyond industries to the nature of the clients themselves, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to well-established corporations.

Not Just a Firm, A Partnership

Our approach is founded on the principles of reliability, knowledge, dynamism, and practicality. We see ourselves as not only partners in the legal sense but are allies in ensuring that you get the best legal advice and representation possible.